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Southard K9 can provide you Belgian Malinois dogs with or without pedigree.

We provide the following: Fully Trained Protection Dogs - Green Working Dogs - Sport Dogs - Puppies. All of our dogs are trained for True Real Life Situations

All of our dogs are suitable for the following: Military - Police K9 Work - Search & Rescue - Narcotics & Bomb Detection. Sport - Home Protection.

Southard K9 dogs are trained by Anothy Southard along with other skilled handlers who have the experience to train all dogs in a positive manner that utilizes the dog's greatest potential for the work.

Southard K9 dogs make excellent home companions within a family environment.

Southard K9 dogs work in every kind of condition and environment.

Tony Southard along with the other handlers are constantly exposing all the dogs to extreme weather and a variety of search conditions. Including Dark buildings, Large outdoor areas, Stairs, Slippery floor conditions, Gunfire.

Southard K9 dogs are bred with Serious defense work, Extremely high prey drive, along with their excellent social behavior and ability to settle in a new home and provide enjoyment to their owners and family.

Southard K9 makes every effort to insure that the dogs we offer for purchase are highly capable of doing the intended work and well suited to the client's needs for the job in which the dog will perform.

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